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Utah Real Estate CRS Designation

Hire a Realtor with the Utah Real Estate CRS Designation

Why Hire A CRS?

CRS … stands for “Certified Residential Specialist.”

Are you Buying or selling a home in Utah County? The right agent can make the process much easier–and more profitable. I am a Paul Teasdale and have earned the CRS Designation. I have been selling homes in Utah County since 1995 and have sold over 1,100 homes.

To Receive the CRS designation, agents must demonstrate outstanding professional achievements — including high-volume sales — and pursue advanced training in areas such as finance, marketing, and technology. They also must maintain membership in the National Association of Realtors and abide by its code of ethics.

1) CRS Designation - Experience and Ethics

A hallmark of the CRS is not just the advanced training and education they receive. Just as important is the marketplace expertise they bring to the sale or purchase of your home. To earn the CRS designation, strict requirements must be met regarding experience and transactions, ensuring the knowledgable and skilled services you expect. And ethics are strictly enforced to ensure that you are treated fairly and professionally every step of the way.

2) CRS Designation - A Focus on Home Buying and Selling

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, you face significant risks along the way. Financial risks, legal risks, even the risk that your home purchase or sale will fall through. A CRS is trained to minimize those risks by diligently exploring and discussing your options. Hire a Realtor with the Utah Real Estate CRS Designation.

3) CRS Designation - Technological Expertise

Technology is changing the face of real estate. Computers, the internet, mobile communications — each has helped make the market more efficient, and at the same time, more daunting. More than ever, the success of your home purchase or sale depends on your agent’s ability to harness the power of technology and use it to your advantage.

4) CRS Designation - An Ability to Maximize Profits and Minimize Costs

Buying a home isn’t simply about paying the lowest price. And selling a home isn’t just about getting the money you asked for. Along the way, there are fees, inspections, taxes, and myriad other concerns that can impact the bottom line of your home purchase or sale.

utah real estate crs designation

About 5% of the Utah Agents Have the CRS Designation

About five percent of Realtors in Utah County have earned the Certified Residential Specialist CRS Designation. Paul Teasdale has earned the CRS designation. This designation requires advanced coursework in technology, referrals and production requirements.

I loves referrals and pay them on a regular basis. If you have a buyer moving to the beautiful state of Utah call me. My team will take care of your client and keep you in the loop. We pay a 25% referral fee on all CRS referrals.

With nearly 39,000 CRS Designees located throughout the country, it’s easy to find just the right professional for the job.  More important, they are pre-qualified for your clients. As CRS Designees, they have completed advanced training in residential real estate and have a proven track record of sales transactions required to earn the CRS Designation. Paul Teasdale has earned the Utah Real Estate CRS Designation.

utah real estate crs designation


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