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Utah County Home Builders - Q

List of Utah County Home Builders and Suppliers

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Quality Craft Wood Works            Marvin Allred       (435) 623-1707        HC 60 Box 203 267 N Lark Ridge Dr
                                                                                                                    Rocky Ridge, UT 84645

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Selecting a Utah County Home Builder

First and most important, speak with the current homeowners in the neighborhood where you plan on purchasing. If possible, speak with the homeowners that have lived there for over a year and their bumper-to-bumper warranty has run out. This will give you the real scoop on the quality of the homes, typical number of problems and general overall attitude. Don’t worry about knocking on a stranger’s door to ask questions about their experience. They have been in your shoes and will be happy to answer your questions. Most home owners are anxious to share their opinion about their builder. In my experience, they either love their builder or wish they never built a home with them. 

Compare the builder’s warranty programs. You will be surprised to find what a few builders fail to cover under their warranty. Don’t just check to see what is covered, find out how long they cover the items and how quickly they resolve the problems that can and will arise. You will find that a strong warranty can greatly reduce your long term stress. Take your time in selecting a Utah County Home Builder.

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