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Real Estate Documents Needed at Closing

Most of the documents related to transfer of ownership of your new Utah County home must be signed by the seller and delivered to you, the buyer. It’s important to review these for accuracy and completeness. Here is a list of some of the documents you should become familiar with when buying a home in Utah County.

Document: The Deed

The deed transfers the home from the seller to the buyer. Utah State law dictates its form and language, but you can choose the form of ownership in which you take title: individually, in trust, in joint tenancy or in other tenancies. The deed is given to the Utah county recorder of deeds to record, and made public. Recording your deed puts you in the property’s chain of title so that anyone looking at the Utah county records can see that you took your title from the prior rightful owner, and therefore, own the property. You will get a copy of the deed.  

Document: Bill of Sale

The bill of sale. This transfers all of the personal property that is being sold along with the house, such as appliances, or any other personal items included. The document will typically list the property to be transferred, or refer to the contract that lists the personal property.

Document: Affidavit of Title

The affidavit of title or seller’s affidavit. This is a notarized statement by the seller confirming ownership of the home and describing any known title defects such as leases, liens, or work on the property that could potentially create liens, boundary line disputes, or outstanding contracts for the sale of the property.

Document: Settlement Statement of HUD-1

The settlement statement which is often referred to as the HUD. This document shows all of the monetary transfers between the seller and buyer, including the purchase price, down payment amount, payment of real estate brokers’ commissions, escrow fees, title insurance fees, county recorders fees for the recording of the deed and mortgage, transfer tax payments, credits for tax payments, and agreed repair credits. This information is used by the title company to prepare the HUD-1. Both the buyer and seller will sign this document. If you have a Utah County Realtor helping you with your transaction your Realtor should be present and they should review this document for errors or ommissions.

HUD-1. The HUD-1 is the universal settlement statement that shows all of the money transfers by and among all of the parties to the closing. This document can be delivered to you prior to attending the closing for your review. If you want to see it before closing you will have to make this request prior to closing. It is required to be used for all closings involving a federally insured lender by the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”). (See 12 U.S.C. §§ 2601–2617.)

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